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1 BER188 Bernat Afghan Medley

Afghan Medley

"Afghan Medley" Bernat Book No. 188 (1972) 28 pages.     Lovely collection of afghans to knit and crochet.  Cables,...


1 BER1450 Bernat Baby Denims

Baby Denims

"Baby Denims" Bernat 1450.  12 pages Cute "denim" fashions for 6 months-24 months with instructions for both sport and worsted...


4 BER27 Bernat Baby Handknits

Baby Handknits

"Baby Handknits" Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 27 (1951) 52 pages. Also published in Canada as Corticelli Book No. KP58, and also published...


18 BER137 Bernat Basic Six

Basic Six

"Basic Six" (also published as "Six Classics for Women" Bernat Book No. 137 (1966) 7 pages.  Six basic sweaters to knit for...


14 BER107 Bernat Bernat "Easy to Knit" Family Book

Bernat "Easy to Knit" Family Book

"Bernat 'Easy to Knit' Family Book" Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 107 (1962) 24 pages.  Knit any one of these five styles using a bulky...


1 BER132 Bernat Bernat Afghans

Bernat Afghans

k"Bernat Afghans" Bernat Book No. 132 (1966) 40 pages.    An afghan is your painting in wool, and this book has a lovely...


2 BER222 Bernat Bernat Babies

Bernat Babies

"Bernat Babies" Bernat Book No. 222 (1976) 39 pages   From a lacy Christening Dress to sweaters for sizes 4-14, this is an excellent...


1 BER87 Bernat Bernat Baby Fashions

Bernat Baby Fashions

"Bernat Baby Fashions" Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 87 (Revised edition, 1970) 18 pages.    Cute sweaters and accessories (hats,...


1 BER90 Bernat Bernat Fashions

Bernat Fashions

"Bernat Fashions" Book 90 (1960) 40 pages   Lovely early 60s styles to knit for women, featuring the "Glengarry Coat" on the...


2 BER231 Bernat Bernat Hats, Scarves & Mittens

Bernat Hats, Scarves & Mittens

"Bernat Hats, Scarves & Mittens" Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 231 (1977) 45 pages.  Never was there a more complete book of head...


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