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1 SPIN310 Spinnerin 101 Classic Sweaters

101 Classic Sweaters

"Lesson 3: 101 Classic Sweaters" Spinnerin Volume 310 (1966)  32 pages Part of Spinnerin's "Learn to Knit" series, this volume...


11 SPIN309 Spinnerin 101 Ideas Lesson #2

101 Ideas Lesson #2

"101 Ideas Lesson #2" Spinnerin Volume 309 (1963) 32 pages. This is the 2nd volume of Spinnerin's Learn to Knit Series, which covers...


0 SPIN371 Spinnerin 12 Ripple Afghans

12 Ripple Afghans

"12 Ripple Afghans" Spinnerin Minibook 371 (1974) Knit and crochet patterns for the traditional ripple afghan in a variety of stitches,...

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1 SPIN347 Spinnerin A Crochet Carnival

A Crochet Carnival

"A Crochet Carnival" Spinnerin Minibook 347 (1973) Cute patterns to crochet: Motif CurtainsGreen Cottage CurtainsGlasses Case in 3...


1 SPIN184 Spinnerin A La Carte

A La Carte

"A La Carte" Spinnerin Volume 184 (1968) 65 pages Her's an exciting collection of knits for women with a 60's look!  Includes...


1 SPIN311 Spinnerin Aztec


"Aztec" Spinnerin Folio 311 Two vests, a skirt and pants to crochet in worsted weight yarn


5 SPIN197 Spinnerin Best in Vests

Best in Vests

"Best in Vests" Spinnerin Volume 197 (1969) 8 pages. Six vests to knit for women including an Aran style, belted vests, a doubled breasted...


6 SPIN189 Spinnerin Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

"Boys Will Be Boys" Spinnerin Volume 189 (1968) 46 pages.  Sweaters that boys (and girls) will love to wear! Classic styles, Arans, and fun...


1 SPIN195 Spinnerin Cable Classics

Cable Classics

"Cable Classics" Spinnerin Volume 195 (1969) 71 pages A treasure trove of knits for women and men, all featuring cables!  Dresses and...


6 SPIN313 Spinnerin Carbon Copies

Carbon Copies

"Carbon Copies" Spinnerin Folio 313 (1971) Two vests to crochet for adults and children (child's sizes 4-12; adult sizes 38-50")


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