My daughter brought me a page of the J Crew catalog and asked if I could make her a pair of gloves "just like" the ones shown.  How could I say no?  The result is the "J Crew" style gloves shown here, and I added the matching hat. ( The original hat & gloves were made using "chunky" yarn, but I like sport weight yarn for gloves, so that's what I used).

Materials: 1 skein of sport weight wool (I used Brunswick "Pomfret" wool, from the stash; 1 skein of 200 yards  made the gloves with some left over), plus small amount of 2 contrasting colors for the stripe.  The "authentic" J Crew color choices are:
charcoal grey with red & white stripe, navy blue with light grey & white stripe, or taupe heather with navy blue & white stripe.  Your teenage/young adult wearer will approve of any of these color choices.

Knitting needles: size 5 double point needles.  1 stitch marker. Stitch holders

Gauge: 6 sts/7 rows=1" on US #5 needles.

Cast on 40 sts and divide on 3 dp needles, marking beg of round with stitch marker; work in k2,p2 ribbing for 3" (NOTE: Knitter Dena suggested adding one more inch to the ribbing to make an even warmer glove).  Change to stockinette stitch & begin thumb shaping:  inc 1 stitch at each side of stitch marker (1 stitch at beg of round & 1 stitch at end of round) EVERY OTHER ROUND 6 times, then EVERY 4th ROUND 3 times--58 stitches.  Work even until glove measures 5 1/2" from beginning.

K first 8 stitches and place on holder for thumb.  Work to last 7 stitches, then place them on same holder as 1st 8 stitches (I found that placing all the stitches on a waste piece of yarn worked better than using a metal stitch holder).  Next round: K22, inc 1, K21 (44 stitches total).  Divide these stitches evenly and work 1 more round, then work stripe pattern:  2 rows CC1, 1 row CC2, then 2 rows CC1.  Now continue in MC until piece measures 1 1/2" from where you put the stitches on the holder for the thumb.

Fingers:  Divide 11 stitches for the 1st finger (6 from one side, 5 from the other)--put remaining stitches on waste yarn or stitch holder.  Working around on dp needles, pick up and knit 1 st at beg of round (I usually twist that stitch to help avoid a hole), k11, pick up and knit 1 st at end of round--13 sts.  Work in rounds till finger meas. 2 1/2".  K2 tog on next 2 rounds (since you're working on an uneven # of sts, you'll end up with 1 st, which you knit).  Cut yarn, leaving a tail, and thread the tail through the remaining stitches, pulling them closed tightly.  Fasten off.  Pick up 13 sts from holder for middle finger (7 from 1 side and 6 from the other).  Pick up 2 extra stitches from between fingers as above, and work around on 15 sts for 3".  K2 tog next 2 rounds, then fasten off as above.  Pick up 11 sts and 2 extra stitches for the next finger, work around for 2 1/2", dec & fasten off as above.  Pick up 9 sts and 2 extra stitches for the little finger, work around for 2", dec & fasten off as above.

Thumb: pick up 15 sts from your waste yarn or holder for the thumb, and pick up 2 extra sts as above.  Work around for 2".  Dec. & fasten off as above.

With needle & yarn, sew up any holes between fingers, weave in ends.  Make 2nd glove same as first.

NOTE:  You may want to change to  smaller DP needles when you are doing the finger/thumb decreases; it helps make the "loops" smaller and looks a bit better when you are fastening off your fingers.


Materials: 1 skein sport weight yarn, small amounts of 2 contrasting colors.
Needles: I used a US #4 16" circular needle and a set of #4 dps, as I wanted the gauge to be a little bit tighter.  5's are ok too...
Gauge: around 6 sts=1" on #4 needles.

Cast on 112 stitches and work in rounds in k2,p2 ribbing for 2" (NOTE: Knitter Dena suggested adding two more inches to the ribbing, which allows you to 'fold over' the hat ribbing) .  Change to stockinette st (knit every round), inc 2 stitches in the 1st round.  Knit until hat measures 5 1/2" from beg.  Work stripes: 2 rounds CC1, 1 round CC2, 2 rounds CC1.  Switch back to MC, work even until piece measures 7 1/2" from beg (you may want to try it on at this point and make sure it's long enough to fit your head)
Top shaping: (change to dp needles when hat is too small to work on circular needle).
Rnd 1:*k2tog, k4; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 2: *k2tog, k3; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 3:*k2tog, k2; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 4:*k2tog, k1; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 5: k2tog around.
Cut yarn, leaving a tail, and thread the tail through the remaining stitches, drawing up tight.  Weave in any ends.
NOTE: the "real" J Crew hat had a little "hanging loop" at the top.  I didn't put it on as DD disdains any sort of cutesie stuff on her hats, but you could make one by crocheting a chain and attaching it at the top, or making a small I-cord and sewing it on the top.

DP: double pointed needles
Beg: beginning
K: knit
P: purl
St(s): stitch/stitches
Inc: increase
CC: Contrasting Color
MC: Main Color
Dec: Decrease
K2 Tog: knit 2 stitches together

This pattern created by Laurie Kynaston, 1999.  You are welcome to use it for your personal knitting, not for resale.  Please credit me if you copy this or link it on your own web page.



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Updated February 22, 2008