victiny Bear's Valentine Sweater


Here's a charming little sweater perfect for your Valentine!  I knit this in an afternoon, using stash yarn.  It is designed to fit a 6" tall bear, just the right size to tuck into a box of candy.

I used pink "Kid n Ewe" yarn for the sweater, and some red scrap yarn for the heart.  1 skein is more than enough--I barely made a dent in the 120 yd. skein of Kid n Ewe.  You can use any yarn that will get you the gauge of 5 sts=1" using US #7 needles.

You'll need US #5 & #7 needles.

With smaller needles and MC, cast on 19 stitches.  Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 3 rows.  Change to larger needles and stockinette stitch.  Work 1 purl row -- you are now on the right side, and will be working the heart:

Knit 3 sts, work heart over 13 sts, Knit 3 sts.  Work entire chart:


<>Written Instructions for the chart:
Row 1: K6 MC, K1 CC, K6 MC
Row 2: P5 MC, P3 CC, P5 MC
Row 3: K4 MC, K5 CC, K4 MC
Row 4: P3 MC, P7 CC, P3 MC
Row 5: K1 MC, K5 CC, K1 MC, K5 CC,  K1 MC
Row 6:   P4 MC, P1 CC, P3 MC, P1 CC,  P4 MC

When you have finished the last row of the chart, shape neck:

Knit 5 sts, slip center 9 sts to holder for neck, knit last 5 sts.  Working each side separately, decrease 1 st at neck edge 1 time; work 2 rows even, then bind off the 4 shoulder stitches.


Cast on 19 sts on smaller needles, work ribbing as for front.  Change to larger needles and stockinette stitch.  Work even until back measures 3 1/4" from beginning (or same length as front -- I sewed the sweater together before I measured, so this is a bit of a guesstimate, but pretty close!)

Sew left shoulder seam.  Using smaller needles, pick up 31 sts evenly around neck, including the 9 sts on the front holder.  Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 2 rows.  Bind off in ribbing.

Sew right shoulder seam.

With larger needles, starting 1" from back bottom edge, pick up 20 sts at side of sweater and ending 1" from front bottom edge.  Work in stockinette stitch for 6 rows, then change to smaller needles & k1 p1 ribbing for 2 rows.  Bind off.

Sew side and sleeve seams.  Give to your sweetie with a big hug and a kiss!

"Tiny Bear's Valentine Sweater" pattern © 2001  By Laurie Kynaston;  You may share this pattern on your on-line knitting pattern collections or in newsletters, providing this notice remains attached.  (I would appreciate notification if you use this pattern!)  This pattern is intended for personal use, or for charitable donations/sale.  Please contact me at  for permission to include this pattern in any written collection or to use it for commercial purposes.

Updated February 13, 2001

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